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Jean-Philippe Bonsaudo (JP)


Jean-Philippe (JP) has over 15 years of experience in partnership management, business development, fundraising, project management, and sponsorship.
JP’s focus has always been to identify strategic partnership opportunities as they arise, as well as quickly establish relationships and then derive maximum value from these partnerships.
JP has significant international experience, organizing B2B events and roadshows, to establish and successfully monetize business relations, in Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya; just to name a few.
Prior to his current role, JP has been a business consultant and advisor to the MD of Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Duaij Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa’s private office; JP has also headed the business development and partnerships division at Al Hathboor Group, reporting to the Group CEO.
Previously, as an IC for the World Green Economy Organization (in partnership with UNDP, UNFCCC and UNOSSC) he has designed, implemented, and managed the partnership strategies for the division; his major achievement was to secure 13 private enterprises to financially support the Organization in 3 months.
JP’s track record also included the development of capital raising platforms bringing growth market-based investors to pre-qualified investment opportunities through highly targeted private capital introduction meetings and investor roadshows.
He currently resides in Dubai with his wife and daughter.

Akhil Koka


Akhil Koka is a seasoned sales professional with over 11 years of experience in the Middle East. Prior to starting GatewayME, Akhil worked for BIOS Middle East a leading cloud and managed services provider, in over 6 years of tenure he sold services worth more than USD 10M and established very strong relationships with C Level executives of major companies across the region.
Akhil started his career in the UAE with a business facilitation company working across multiple industries such as healthcare, technology, F&B, and Fintech striking deals in every GCC countries and the wider Middle East.
Akhil holds an MBA from Harper Adams University, UK and a Bachelor of Engineering from JSS Academy, Bangalore. Akhil’s passion is to travel the world with his wife Nidhi and he has visited 6 continents including Antarctica and over 50 countries.

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